Cross-Curricular Applications in Band (Quick Tip)

Cross-curricular applications in band can be a touchy subject.  I think most band directors agree that we teach music for the sake of music.  Not to help teach math or history or science.  We teach it because music is amazing and important and worth it.

However, sometimes administrators like to see cross -curricular information from the band hall. Here’s an idea of a page that gives kids more information about a band piece. (Clouds by Anne McGinty)  It gives students more information on the piece an composer and is a natural fit to reference science.  If I remember correctly, some of this was taken from composer notes in the score.

Cross Curricular

If you’re going to the trouble of doing this, especially because it’s being asked of you, consider putting a copy of this in your administrator’s mailbox.  You could attach a sticky note mentioning that this is one of the pieces the band will be performing at the concert.  You could even put it in all the science teacher’s boxes as well and invite them to the concert!

Yes, teaching the music is valuable enough on its own.  But if you have a principal that likes to see cross-curricular applications in band, this is an example of how you can make science fit into the music curriculum and not the other way around.

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