Motivate Your Band – Reach Higher

Looking for ways to motivate your band?  This series – Motivate Your Band – will feature ideas that you can put into practice immediately in under 5 minutes.  Here’s our second installment – “Reach Higher.”

When rehearsal isn’t go quite as you’d like because students aren’t giving 100%, try this.  Have students put their instruments down or behind them or safely out of the way (you’ll see why in a minute).   

Say something like, “I’d like you to raise your hand up high.”  Most students will raise it about 1/2 way or so.  

Say, “Is that really high?  Raise it as high as you can.”  Most kids will raise it most of the way. Again, say “No, raise it as high as you can.”  Some leaders will really start raising it up high and stretching to get higher.  Say, “No you can do better than that.  I know you can raise your hand higher.  Please raise your hand as high as you possibly can. ”  

Eventually someone should stand up.  Say, “Thank you for being a leader.  Now you’re getting the idea.  But I still think you can raise your hands even higher. ”  

Eventually someone should think to stand on the chair.  (If you don’t want them on chairs you can stop once someone stands up – just have everyone stand up and reach high.)  If no one thinks to get on a chair you can help them  by saying something like ” Look around, what can you use to help you get higher?”  Or even tell them “I think you can get higher – look at your chair.”

After they all get a good stretch and reach high, have them sit down.  Say something like “I know sometimes you think you’re focused or giving 100%, but you might really be able to give more.  Let’s reach higher.  Let’s be a band that reaches higher. ” 

Motivate Your Band

Print out this graphic (large) and post it in the band hall.  Call their attention to it often as a reminder to always reach higher.

*This activity was an idea from a Tim Lautzenheiser clinic many years ago.  It was so powerful I still use it. Hopefully it will help motivate your band on a day they need it.

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