1 Bassoon Tip to Save Your Band Hundreds of Dollars

If you’ve never heard this bassoon tip, you’ll be amazed at how simple it is!

Bassoon bocals are SO expensive – usually between $200 and $1000.  So anything you can do to help protect your program’s bocals should be well work some trouble.  And really this tip is no trouble at all once you teach your kids how and why to do it.

Don’t let you students walk around with the bocal inserted in the tenor joint.  it’s too easy for them to knock the bocal into a door frame or stand or otherwise damage it.  It’s so crowded in the band hall, other band students may also run into it.

Instead, have students take the bocal out of the case and put it in the bell of the bassoon.  After they arrive at their chair in band or a practice room and are seated with the instrument in position they can take it out and finish the assembly of the bocal and reed.  This is the only way the instrument should be transported for young players, especially in crowded setting.

Bassoon Tip

So get your bassoon players in the habit of using this easy bassoon tip and save your band a lot of money by keeping bocals in great shape.

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