Free Metronome & Sheet Music

8 is a website worth looking at.  I have not even begun to scratch the surface of what is on there, but I do have a couple things (metronome features and sheet music ) I love.  I’m sure as you poke around the site you’ll find things that fit your program.

Free Metronome (with fun accompaniment tracks.)
I often recommended the metronome to students before they all started getting metronome apps on their phones.  But this could still be a great thing for kids to use because of the accompaniment tracks.  You could also use this in class to spice up beginner band lines.


Free Sheet Music
They have many arrangements of well known, fun songs.  Here’s 2 examples for clarinet – There is a clarinet solo, duet or trio version or The Entertainer.
Clarinet Solo (The Entertainer)
Clarinet Trio (The Entertainer)

I did have some trouble getting it to print correctly (you have to print 1 page at a time), but I’m not very techy.  I was still able to get a good enough copy for kids to play just fine. And it’s free, so I can’t complain.

There are also recordings of the music, so students can listen to what it should sound like.  They can also find pieces they like by listening to the samples.  Then the students can print the sheet music on their own to try it out.

It looks like there is a subscription option as well as using just the free options.  Hope this is helpful for you and your students!

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