You Know You’re a Band Director When…

1. Turn signals blinking out of order drive you nuts.

2. You are perfectly comfortable telling kids to dump spit on the floor.

3. You know to pronounce the word ‘sectional’ very carefully.

Band directors, do you need a good laugh and a break from your busy day? This list is sure to get you laughing! Everyone needs a little band director humor! Share with your band colleagues, private lessons and music students. They will love them! #banddirector #banddirectorproblems #banddirectorlife #musicteacher #teachingband

4. When you meet a middle school age child, you find yourself thinking about how ‘that kid has a great clarinet chin.’

5. Your version of a fun trip includes 100 students.

6. You find yourself getting into arguments over the best woodwind fingerings…
for fun…
on a Saturday.

7. You are as interested in the singing of the National Anthem as you are in the Super Bowl.

8. You wake up in the middle of the night with a great analogy to explain that concept that the kids aren’t getting yet.

9. You have a clarinet lamp or a trumpet tie.

10. Some people call it a pound sign. Some people call it a hashtag.  You call it a sharp. 

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