Conduct Backwards – Quick Tip

Conduct Backwards?  What?

Do you ever get the feeling you are hearing what you want to hear in band rehearsal?  Maybe you think the trumpets are playing short because they just look like they are trying to play short.  Maybe you think the band is doing a crescendo because you see them leaning in. 

But are they really playing the style you want?
Are they really executing a balanced crescendo?
What if you could hear them but not be biased by what you see? 

Yes, recording your band is a great way to do this and you should certainly consider doing this often.  But you can’t listen to it until later, so immediate feedback isn’t possible.

Next time, try facing backwards on the podium.
As though you are conducting the audience.
They can still see your conducting enough to stay with you.
You will be able to listen more effectively. 

Just turn around for 30 seconds or so and see if it really sounds like you think it sounds.

And the band might also listen more effectively – It will certainly get their attention!  The idea of you turning your back to them when conducting is so different, the students will become much more aware of what is going on around them.

If you try this “quick tip,” let us know how it goes!

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