Band Dice Games – Finish Strong! Motivate until the last day of school

Band Dice Games 

This is the first in our series of posts called “Finish Strong! Motivate until the last day of school.” These games were made up with beginners in mind, but can be used with any class. Changing things up a little the last  couple months can keep kids motivated and help greatly with discipline.  For more in depth explanations of using games to help with discipline, read this post: Beginning Band Jeopardy.

A simple pair of dice can motivate your kids in many ways. Try these options.

1. Roll one die for number of times to repeat a line in the book. Or a scale. Or a measure.

2. Roll two dice odds/evens – odd chairs play when you roll odds/even chairs play when you roll evens.

3. You roll one die to start game. If you roll 1, 1st chair plays. If 2, 2nd chair. If 3, 3rd chair etc. Then the person that plays gets to roll and pass it down that number of people. So if 3rd chair rolls a 4, they pass it to chair 4, 5, 6, and 7. 7th chair plays and then rolls to pass it on.

4. Roll 2 dice.  If you roll 7,8 or 9 play the line or section again. Any other number you go on to the next thing.

5. Doubles – Roll 2 dice. If you roll doubles the kids stand up and play an exercise.  If you do not roll doubles they stay seated.

6. See what variations kids can come up with.

More games to try:
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