Duct Tape Marimba (Practice Marimba)

Do your percussionists need a way to practice marimba over the summer?
A duct tape marimba may be your answer!

This picture was originally posted by Tony Lyman in Mississippi with the comment:

“One of my freshmen at Petal HS earned a marimba spot this year. This is how she practices at home. Your excuse is invalid. #‎hungryforknowledge #‎motherofinvention #‎neverbeoutworked

Mr. Lyman generously allowed us to share this idea here…

duct tape practice marimba

Click to Enlarge

How to Make a Duct Tape Marimba 

If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see that the student took a large cardboard box and laid it out flat. She put on duct tape that is approximately the size of the marimba bars. It looks like the quote at the top is a variation of “Practice Makes Progress, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.”

Here’s a virtual high 5 to the student that took the initiative to make this duct tape marimba and to her band director for inspiring her dedication and teaching her the importance of practice. This is an example of how band students are some of the most creative, pragmatic and dedicated kids around!

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