Would You Rather… Band Version

Time for some fun –
Would You Rather… Band Version!

This game is ideal to use with concert bands and large classes. It’s non-competitive and sure to have your students smiling if not laughing throughout rehearsal!

This game is especially good to use to motivate students on:
– warm-ups
– scales/arpeggios/thirds
– lines in a method book
– sight-reading lines
– counting
Basically, activities other than band music. It would work for band music, but since it’s a great motivator and it is nice to have everyone playing unison lines or similar lines I’d recommend trying one of the activities listed above.

Download a PDF to keep with you on the podium here – Would You Rather… Band Version.

Directions for Would You Rather… Band Version
– Entire band plays the scale, line etc.
– Tell the kids the two choices in the category
– Give them 5 seconds to figure out which group they are in
– Have group 1 play it
– Have group 2 play it
– Give them a new way to divide
– Have group 1 play it
– Have group 2 play it
Repeat on a new scale, line etc.

You’d be amazed how much fun they will have with this simple motivational game!

Level 1 Start with some “easy to divide” categories to get them used to the concept:
Do you have long hair or short hair?
Are you wearing glasses or not?
Do you have siblings or are you an only child?
Are you in 7th grade or 8th grade?
Do you have brown hair or a different color hair?
Are your fingernails painted or not?

Level 2 Move to some that are a little more exciting:
Would you rather…
…have a cat or a dog?
…eat a taco or burrito?
…stay up late or sleep in late?
…text only or talk only on the phone to a friend?
…do a science fair project or write a creative story?
…live in the country or the city?
…build a snowman or a sandcastle?
…ride a bicycle or a skateboard?
…eat a chocolate kiss or lollipop?

Level 3 Most exciting/interesting:
Would your rather…
…be in a pool of marshmallows or a pool of m&ms?
…have bright blue hair or bright blue feet?
…climb a tall mountain or hike through a forest?
…only be able to whisper or shout for the rest of your life?
…have hair that goes past your feet or be bald?
…live in a place that is always very hot or very cold?
…give up sodas or candy for a month?
…speak any language fluently or be able to talk to animals?
…wear your shoes on the wrong feet or wear your pants backwards?
…ride a hippopotamus or a camel?
…go to the moon or go to New York City?
…use only a knife or only a spoon as a utensil the rest of your life?
…have legs as long as your fingers or fingers as long as your legs?

You can mix up the 3 different levels or start with level 1 day 1, make it more interesting by moving to level 2 on day 2, then level 3 on day 3. You can also just randomly choose 1-2 of these on different days to get kids engaged if their focus is drifting away.

Don’t forget to print the free PDF – Would You Rather… Band Version.

This is the third post in our series called “Finish Strong! Motivate until the last day of school.” Read last week’s post here – Connect 4 – Band Game. Changing things up a little the last couple months can keep kids motivated and help greatly with discipline. For more in depth explanations of using games to help with discipline, read this post: Beginning Band Jeopardy.

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