6 Fun and PRODUCTIVE Activities – After your Students Turn in Their Instruments

Although it’s not ideal, we often must have students turn in instruments early to take care of repairs, overhauls and inventory. Here are some ideas to keep your students engaged and learning.

1. Rock out with this Key Chant! Use this time of year to review theory. Another way to make theory review fun is to play Jeopardy with different theory categories – rhythm, note name, key signature, definitions, etc. You can also use this website to practice note names.

2. Play the Rhythm Envelope Game or Measure Mix-up.

3. Have the students write their parents a thank you note for supporting them in band this year. Help them realize all the things their parents do to allow them to be in band including the cost and time investment and emotional support. (If they finish early you could have them write a letter or sign a group card to thank any administration, custodians and others who help your band program regularly.)

4. Teach compound foot tap (and 6/8 time if they haven’t already learned it). For more advanced kids expose them to 5/8, 7/8, meter changes etc.

5. Have students count rhythm pages with a backbeat accompaniment. Use this free website or a similar one. You can spice it up even more by playing “Drop Out.”

6. Share a motivational story with them like Dig Deeper or The Race. Or read them a book and relate it to what they’ve learned in band this year.

6. Show them short videos that either teach them something or inspire them.
Watch an instrument overhaul
Fun short videos aimed at 4-6th grade (some TEDed, some OnTheTop)
Fun short TEDed videos aimed at 6-9th grade
Inspirational – Overcoming Challenges – middle school or high school
Tons of Woodwind and Brass solo and ensemble performance videos

If you’re lucky enough to have students bring their instruments all the way to the end, here are a few ‘playing games’ try:
Jar of Dooooom
Dice Game
Would You Rather (Band Version)
Connect 4

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