9 Things to Do Before Closing the Band Hall Doors for Summer

Don’t forget these 9 things to do before closing the band hall doors for summer:

  1. Talk to your students about summer band camps they can attend. Get them excited with a band camp launch day.
  2. Promote summer private lessons.
  3. Make sure you’ve got all your student contact info updated and get kids subscribed to band social media platforms (band Facebook page, twitter etc.) so you can communicate over the summer. More retention ideas here.
  4. Share summer practice ideas with your students.
  5.  Share website resources that your students can use for a metronome, accompaniment tracks and to print fun music for free over the summer. Here’s another one that has a note name video game.
  6. Look over your band DIRECTOR calendar, make notes and start prepping a calendar for next year.


  7. Thank your private lesson teachers. (Thank you notes are powerful!) Be sure they are on board to return next year.
  8. Coordinate with your administration and campus about the scheduling and events calendar for next year.
  9. Print out this self-evaluation form to use for next year’s goal-setting.

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