An Easy Fundraiser that Will Make You and Your Students Smile!

What if I told you that fundraising can be fun? What if students can be actively engaged for a short period of time with big results? What if your fundraiser was faster, bigger and, of course, FUN? It can be with the 59/29 Minute Fundraiser!

Pioneered by Great American Opportunities, this is a new exciting process that increases student participation and ownership of their sales. It allows them to communicate in a format they are comfortable with and reward them instantly, all in a short period of time. High School Bands can take advantage of their summer band time in August by using this process at the end of rehearsal or during a long lunch break. Middle School Bands can modify this format to be used during the school day.

What are the benefits? Students armed with a pencil and their favorite mobile device, are using technology to sell products while earning instant prizes. This approach, along with the expert help of your GAO Representative, has increased student participation which has resulted in higher profit for the band. It is not uncommon to hear a student say, “I never fundraise but today I sold “X” number of items using the 59/29 Minute Fundraiser! It was fun and easy!” The student who would not normally go door-to-door or approach someone at their church feels comfortable selling in this format. When the 59/29 Minute Fundraiser is over, they feel successful! All that is left is to collect money and deliver product.

This is truly an easy and effective way to help your students be successful with the band fundraiser! The Reagan HS Band increased their summer band fundraiser profit from $350 to $4,000. The same can be said for the Odessa HS Band, whose profit went from $2,000 to $5,500. An example of a MS Band is Driscoll MS. Their April spring fundraiser went from $1,500 to $6,000.  These are just a few bands whose profits increased due to the 59/29 Minute Fundraiser.

There are a lot of positive results that the 59/29 Minute Fundraiser offers, including a faster and easier way to fundraise, higher participation levels from band students and bigger profits. Many of our GAO product lines will pair well with the 59/29 Minute Fundraiser. However, the most rewarding aspect of the 59/29 Minute Fundraiser is the smiles on band members because they feel successful and they are having fun!

Click below to see a clip of the Churchill HS Band from May 16th. They participated in a 59 Minute Fundraiser to raise money for travel expenses to BOA this Fall. It was exciting to see senior band students involved as they raised funds for younger students and their siblings. You can also hear four short testimonials from high school and middle school band directors who had success with the 59/29 Minute Fundraiser.

We encourage you to try this new innovative method for boosting participation, excitement and profit on your next fundraiser. Contact your Area GAO Representative today by clicking on this link.  We look forward to working with you and helping create your most successful fundraiser ever.

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See Churchill HS Band’s 59 Minute Fundraiser:  View Video
Testimonials from Band Directors: View Video

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