Effective Use of Clinicians and Mentors in Your Band Program

The TBA Archives refer to the Texas Bandmasters Association archives of clinic handouts from past conventions.  Conventions are one of  the best ways to learn new things, spark new ideas, ask questions and be inspired.  The only problem is all of that new knowledge is thrown at us in about a 48 hour window and it’s hard to retain much of it.

The TBA archives are a great resource on-line that can be beneficial to use when you have time to remind you of things you learned at conventions. It can also give you some ideas you may have missed out on if you weren’t able to attend convention.

In these posts on BandDirectorsTalkShop.com we will choose a clinic handout that can give you good ideas even without the actual presentation.  We’ll highlight a few ideas discussed and give you the link to the full handout. Clinicians spend a lot of time preparing the handouts and they can be a wonderful resource if they don’t get lost in a pile on your desk.  I will try not to comment or analyze because I don’t want to misinterpret the clinician’s meaning.

Today’s Highlighted Clinic:
Effective use of Clinicians and Mentors in Your Band Program
by Dr. John Whitwell & Randy Vaughn

Here are a few topics that are mentioned:

  1. 5 Purposes of Clinics
  2. How, When, Where & What type of Clinic do you want
  3. What qualities to look for in a mentor
  4. Developing a plan to reach a mentee’s goal

If you are reading this, you are quite possibly a “mentee” and this handout gives
10 qualities for a mentee:
Eager to learn
Loyal & Candid
Have a positive attitude
Be able to listen
Work as a partner
Keep confidences
Accept criticism
Accept responsibilities

Here’s the link to the full handout:
TBA Archives – Effective Use of Clinicians and Mentors in your Band Program
by Dr. John Whitwell & Randy Vaughn

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