5 Things You Should Say to Your Band More Often

While these 5 statements should not be read word for word, the sentiments should be shared with your band. Often.

1. Band is unique.

Most classes teach you how to do something. Band teaches you to be somebody. The things you learn in band – especially the discipline, work ethic and teamwork – will be things you use every day for the rest of your life. You will also hear music (and hopefully, play music) the rest of your life. You will appreciate music in a whole different way because you were in band. 

2. Band directing is rewarding.

I am SO lucky that I have this job. I am so glad I get to teach music. I am so grateful I get to teach kids like you. You know, I used to be a kid like you that loved playing an instrument and loved band class and loved music. And guess what – now I’m an adult that loves playing an instrument and loves band class and loves music. I am proud to be part of a truly great profession.

3. Music is truly awesome.

Wow! I think I just got chills. Isn’t that amazing? That we can come together and by playing our own individual parts as a unit, the result is music that is so unique, so remarkable, so enjoyable that I can get chills? What a great moment in time that was!

4. You are elite.

Very few people in the world can do what you do. Very few people can play a musical instrument at the level you can. Very few people can read music. Very few people participate in musical ensembles. You are elite because of your ability to perform the way you perform. How proud you should be!

5. The hard work is worth it.

Do you ever find yourself playing your instrument in this band and thinking, “I am so lucky to be a part of this. I am so glad I put in all the time and sweat and tears to be able to do this. I’m so glad I put in that time to learn my scales or figure out that rhythm or practice that run. I’m so glad I didn’t quit when that was the easy option.” Sometimes we forget to stop and realize that this is the reward. These amazing musical moments when playing is so much fun you can hardly stand it. It’s not just the work we’ve done today that makes that possible. It’s all the hours and weeks and months and years of hard work that have gone before. This is the result. Enjoy it.

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