10 Signs You Might Be A Band Director

1. You say “one last time” knowing that it is absolutely untrue.

2. You search in your purse to find chapstick and all you find is cork grease.

3. People in cars behind you are often treated to seeing you conducting through the back windshield.

4. When you see a little girl pouting, you want to hand her a flute.

5. When you get stopped by a police officer for speeding, you explain that you were just practicing your double tonguing. As the tempo of the tonguing increased you inadvertently increased the speed of the car.

6. You must exhibit self-control in order not to comment (or snicker) about poor singing at birthday parties.

7. Bad stock photos like this:

signs you might be a band director

make you want to scream, laugh, cry and correct the insanity all at once.

8. You begin imagining that you hear a concert F all the time (and possibly losing your mind). Then you realize you accidentally hit a button on the tuner in your bag – and you really are hearing a concert F all the time.

9. Your car is the first one to the school parking lot in the morning and the last one to leave at night.

10. After all the extra sectionals, broken instruments, paperwork, irate parent emails,  missed key signatures and out of tune notes…you still think you have the BEST job in the world!

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