28 Things Band Directors Are Thankful For

Band directors are thankful for…

1. Principals that let us do our jobs

2. Stands that don’t wobble, flip over, or slide down

3. Trombone slides that actually slide

4. Students who have graduated, but come back to visit

5. Literature that is scored well for young bands

6. Great ideas shared by other directors or learned from mentors

7. Clarinet players who swab out

8. Incredible musical moments

9. Notes kids write on the white board about how much they love band

10. State music conventions

11. Trumpet players who use their kick slide

12. A school day that is actually on a ‘normal’ bell schedule

13. Flute players who use vibrato without being told

14. Days where every child has their supplies

15. French horn players who can start on the correct pitch

16. Students who wave and say hello to us in the hallways

17. Double reed players – period.

18. Parents who support their students’ music education

band resources

19. Saxophone players who throw nasty old reeds in the trash instead of leaving them on the stand

20. Leaving school while the sun is still up (ha ha)

21. Seeing students’ eyes looking at us as we conduct

22. The day after a great concert or contest

23. Administration who support the band program as much as any other academic area 

24. Percussionists who take pride in playing cymbals, bass drum and triangle – correctly

25. Kids who help set up chairs and stands without being asked

26. Tuba players who are careful not to dent their instruments

27. Seeing former students grow up to be successful in many areas, not just music

28. The student who turns her head as she is walking out the band hall door and says “Thank you, Mr. Johnson. See you tomorrow!”


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