Tips for Efficient and Successful Fundraisers

Great American Opportunities (GAO) Texas Reps are looking forward to seeing EVERYONE at TMEA in San Antonio, February 9 – 11. Come by booth 9135 in the exhibit hall! When we are fortunate enough to see hundreds of friends and customers, it is easy to see a common thread. Almost all want to be more efficient and successful with their fundraising.

Here are four of the most often asked fundraising questions:

1. How do I run a successful fundraiser with little or no parent involvement?

  • Do all the fundraiser order taking during class. Students use their love of technology and are guided through a successful project during one class period. See how here…
  • Utilize an Online Store. Students email a link to their prospects. Products are ordered online, paid online, and delivered directly to the end customer.

2. How do I get students to stick to fundraising deadlines and turn the money in on time?

  • Reward them! Enter all student names that meet deadlines into a cash drawing to encourage promptness. This could also be a small trinket/prize given to every prompt person.
  • UNreward them! Missed deadlines equal no rewards.
  • Student leaders text their squad or group to remind.
  • Post deadlines on all social media and band website.
  • Tie deadlines to other events. i.e. – the day after a concert. “Parents, remember fundraising money is due tomorrow.”
  • Using an Online Store can eliminate the need for physical money turn in.
  • Keeping the same high standard you use for your entire band program on any deadline will make your fundraising an integral part.

3. How do Boosters keep their money safe and do you have any audit advice?

  • There should be 2 signatures required on booster checks, the Treasurer and the Band Director.
  • There should only be checks used by the booster. Stay away from credit cards and debit cards.
  • Audits of the booster books should happen on a regular basis by other board members.

4. What are some tips for dealing with fundraiser paperwork?

  • Use a company that has comprehensive reports of how many items each student sold, each student’s profit and rank and the band’s total profit. 
  • Great American Opportunities does this in a hard copy format as well as digital format! It is very detailed and can help the band director complete the school’s required paperwork for summary reports.

Come by Booth #9135 at TMEA and let GAO help you plan and execute an efficient and successful with your band program this spring!


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