14 Things to NEVER Say to Your Band Director:

14 things to NEVER say to your band director:

14 things to NEVER say to your band director! Click here for some funny humor that only music teachers can relate to. Get some good laughs as the "real life" of a band teacher is highlighted!

  1. Are we playing today?
  2. But it’s easier for me to finger it this way.
  3. We had a concert last night?
  4. My private lesson teacher said that’s wrong.
  5. Can I go make up a math test during band class today?
  6. I do better when I don’t use a metronome.
  7. I only want to be in band if I can play drums.
  8. I can’t play flute today – I hurt my ankle.
  9. I forgot my instrument. Again.
  10. I have a pencil. It just doesn’t have any lead.
  11. Wait. I have to take my horn home? Every day?
  12. It sounds better when I play it with the whole band.
  13. I know it’s chipped and moldy, but this is the only reed I have.
  14. Do we need our instrument for the concert tonight?


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