32 Reasons Band Directors are Counting Down the Last Days of School

  1. Fidget spinners!
  2. Endless “I need another copy of …..”
  3. Brass instruments baths. Being up close and personal with that many germs – ugh!
  4. Pomp and Circumstance being OVER.
  5. Being asked “Are we playing today?”
  6. Picking up music left on the floor (See #2)
  7. Being asked “When is the concert again?”
  8. Me: Alright here we go, bar 32…. Voice from the back during prep beat: Where are we?!
  9. I want to experience this thing called sleep.
  10. “My social calendar was really full this week, so I couldn’t practice”
  11. Need a break from being asked if it is B or Bb.
  12. Time to spend with my own children!
  13. The giggles of high school boys because every piece has a rehearsal cue at bar 69.
  14. Those last week of school concerts.
  15. Bottle flipping!
  16. 5:30 am every day. Can’t wait to Turn off the alarm.
  17. Messy band halls. Can’t wait to have the kids clean out their lockers. And cases. And folders.
  18. Netflix binge season!
  19. No more elbows on stands! or cell phones on stands. or butts on stands.
  20. Dress pants! Ready to wear jeans… & shorts.
  21. “Can I move? He touched me.” (said by a high school tuba player)
  22. Standardize testing being over. Finally.
  23. If I’m counting down days, at least someone is counting in the band hall.
  24. Farty trumpet noises. Farty kids.
  25. So I can see and experience sunshine again.
  26. “I can’t be at rehearsal today because……..” (fill in the blank)
  27. The percussion section using bass drum beaters to abuse innocent chairs. Story at 11.
  28. Time to read for fun. (Here are some great suggestions to get you started…)
  29. Hearing kids say, “I forgot my instrument.”
  30. Careless Whisper played on the sax.. and on the trumpet… and the tuba…
  31. Coffee on my patio.

Thanks to all of you who contributed to this article through our Facebook page!

There were also a number of directors who expressed sadness in seeing the year end due to amazing students and wonderful memories. The last day of school can be bitter sweet – especially when you have a top-notch group of students. People expressed excitement about next year and implementing new ideas to make it a GREAT year. As directors, it is always exciting to welcome a new crop of young musicians. So when you wipe off that dry erase board for the last time, look forward to writing “Welcome Back” on it very soon!

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