9 Things to Say Instead of “That’s Hard”

8 Things to Say Instead of "That's Hard"

Although there’s nothing wrong with giving students “hard” assignments, students often use the phrase “That’s hard” as an alternative to “I can’t.” When introducing something “hard,” consider using one of the following phrases and encourage your students to do the same. (Later you might come back and admit that yes, that was hard at first and they still mastered it through persistence and dedication. It made their brain grow – and what was once hard is not so hard anymore!)

1. That’s challenging.

2. That’s new.

3. That’s fun.

4. That is an opportunity to improve.

5. That will help you be a better player.

6. That is the next progression.

7. That will feel rewarding when you have mastered it.

8. That is an area to focus on.

9. That section is worth your time.

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