Professional Development for Band Directors (self-study)

Ah, professional development for band directors.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your “self-study” professional development had to do with music?

And, maybe, just maybe, was written by actual, real-life band directors?

And, oooohhhh – can be done on your own time from anywhere?

Well, we’re here to help you out! Our summer survey is now posted (take it here) and just from the first wave of responses, we can tell that documenting self-study PD is a definite need for our readers.

So here you go…

  • Download this Continuing Education Documentation Form.
  • Fill it out as you are reading articles on (which you do all the time anyways, right?)
  • Save the documentation in a professional development/continuing education folder.
  • Impress your appraiser with all the self-study you do!

The fine print… is not licensed in any state as an official “professional development institution.” However, band directors around the country use this website as a respected resource. There are over 200 articles written by over 50 contributing music educators, 95% of whom have been teaching 15 years or longer. Most authors are active or retired band directors, some are administrators, university professors or private instructors on specific instruments.

The fine print is written on your Documentation Form.too, so no worries that your administrators will question our official status – we are very clear that we have none! 🙂 We’re just here to help you teach your kids the very best you can.

Please let us know if you have any specific needs or suggestions in your state that we can help with. Email us at

Also, if your school requires you register and submit paid receipts for continuing education/professional development, let us know that on the survey. We are considering a low-cost paid option if there is a need for that.

Also, don’t forget to take our Summer Survey here! We really do look at that and use it to shape our content and services for the next year.
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