FREE Band Director’s Back-to-School Checklist

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a comprehensive checklist so you don’t forget one of the many important back-to-school preparations?

This can help! has compiled a free Band Director’s Back-to-School Checklist!

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Band Director's back-to-school-checklist

Order Supplies

  • Extra reeds for at least 2 months
  • Purchase the following supplies for beginning clarinets.  Here is an article explaining how to use the items:  4 Clarinet Hacks- Better Clarinets in 30 Seconds
    • Pencil grips for clarinet thumb savers
    • Avery brand mini dot labels for labeling clarinet low F and low E keys.  This helps with proper hand position.
    • Bandaids (check to see if your school nurse will give you a box)
  • Mouthpieces patches (purchase for saxophone, too)
  • Instrument case tags for students to record name and phone numbers
  • Colored paper
  • Silver and black sharpies (for labeling student supplies)
  • 1 small-med sized roll of electrical tape for beginning percussion class.  For information on how to use the tape, see this article:  4 Ways Tape Can Help Your Beginning Percussionists
  • Sharpened pencils (Golf pencils work great!)
  • Music folders (stuff folders with music before school starts – this is a good job for your band officers)
  • Instrument repair kit – see this article for a detailed list:  Emergency Instrument Repair Kit (Top Items to Include)
  • Printer ink/toner
  • Nail polish and blue painters tape/masking tape for flute to encourage proper instrument alignment and hand position. Is this idea new to you?  Click on the following article for a quick explanation on how to use this great tip!  4 Flute Hacks to Develop Good Habits

Print Paperwork

  • Instrument Care packets
  • Practice Reports (Decide on what type (if any) you plan to use)
  • “Meet the Teacher” handouts
  • Band handbook and/or attendance policies
  • Seating Chart for all band classes.  For a FREE, easy to use template, click HERE!

Music preparation

  • Prepare warm-up music
  • Decide on first couple songs and prepare parts as well as part assignments
  • Consider numbering measures before copying if they are not already numbered
  • Do some score study so you will be prepared for the first couple of weeks. Once school starts you’ll be too busy!
  • Prepare instrument specific music (scale sheets, fingering charts, district band music, etc.)

This is the information on the first page of this 4 page checklist. If you’d like to get the entire Back-To-School Checklist free, you can grab it FREE HERE!

Band Director's back-to-school-checklist




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