How to Get in a Great Work-out During Teacher Inservice

Looking for a way to make your teacher inservice more engaging and productive? Try this!


Every time you hear one of these words, complete the corresponding exercise…
accountability – 30 push-ups
collaborate – flutter kicks for 30 seconds
college-ready – 25 reverse crunches
common core – high knees for 30 seconds
cooperative learning – 20 knee to elbows
critical thinking – Plank leg raises for 60 seconds
data driven – 10 squats
deconstruct – 30 donkey kicks
digital citizenship – superman for 30 seconds
differentiation – 8 burpees
facilitator – bicycle crunches for 45 seconds
instruction  – 10 sit-ups
integration of technology – 5 one armed pushups
inclusion – run in place for 1 minute
innovative – 20 jumping jacks
instructional – 30 calf raises
interactive – 10 mountain climbers
learning styles – 15 lunges
learners – 2 minute wall squat
problem solvers – plank for 60 seconds
project based learning – 10 side plank crunches
peer assessment – 30 toe touches
rigor – 30 crunches
scaffolding – 10 low squat jumps
student centered – reverse flutter kicks for 30 seconds
vertical alignment – 15 plank leg raisesBand director Resources
Talk about an intense workout!
In all honesty, we hope you have inspiring and engaging inservice sessions where you learn to teach more effectively and better serve your students. Be open-minded and take what you can and use what you can. Here’s to a great year!

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