Happy Birthday Sousa!

Did you know that John Philip Sousa, “The March King” was born on November 6th? And Veteran’s Day is coming up on November 11th. During this patriotic time of year, it is important to honor those who have served and are currently serving in the United States Military.  What better way to celebrate them than with the music from one of the greatest American composers in history and longtime director of the President’s Own Marine Band!

Learning about Sousa’s lifetime is fascinating:

  • One dozen eggs cost only 7 cents
  • Model T cars were first sold in 1908 for $850
  • Life expectancy was 47
  • Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone
  • Mickey Mouse is born (Steamboat Willie premiers)
  • 17 states joined the US
  • Composers included Foster, Elgar, Puchini, Mahler, Debussy, Joplin and Rachmoninoff

Students will love researching the events during Sousa’s lifetime.  Following is a great cross-curricular Music/History Worksheet for FREE!  This blank worksheet is great for when you need to keep students occupied while you are testing other students. It is also great for substitutes! Students have the opportunity to guess or research what life was like when Sousa was alive.  For example, what inventions were being made, what transportation they had, the cost of groceries and what type of games kids played.  No iphones to be found from 1854-1932!

Click HERE for the FREE “During the life of John Philip Sousa Worksheet.”

Want students to HEAR Sousa’s Music and SEE the US Marine Band? Check out this FULL 50 minute lesson plan which includes a slide show, engaging videos & audio as well as 2 worksheets and a group activity.  Have a plan for your substitute and engage your students while you are away!

Motivate, encourage and excite your students about band as they hear top-notch musicians expertly play some of John Philip Sousa’s most famous works.  It is important for students to model good sounds and technique – the President’s Own Marine Band couldn’t be a more perfect example!

Click here to view the full substitute plan. 

Happy Birthday Sousa and Happy Veteran’s Day to those of you who have served in the United States Military.
We are forever grateful for your service!


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