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Band Directors Talk Shop is all about helping you be a better band director so your students can be better musicians.  It is a collaborative effort of band directors, former band directors, private lesson teachers and fine arts administrators.

Learn.  Posts will strive to teach you something you can use in your classroom today. Practical, bite-sized bits of information that help fix a problem or improve in some area.

Share.  This is a place for us to share ideas with you, but also a place for you to share ideas, comments and questions you may have.  Please engage by posting comments, emailing us questions, and sharing this site on social media so we can help more directors make better musicians.

Inspire.  We hope this is a place that inspires you to continue to learn and grow in your field.  We will also provide many ideas on how to inspire your students to improve and excel.

We want this site to feel like a bunch of band directors sitting around a table talking shop.  Please pull up a chair and join us!

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