10 New Year’s Resolutions for Band Directors

2018 is just around the corner, so here are 10 New Year’s resolutions for band directors just in case you need any help setting goals…

  1. I will not pretend my baton is a lightsaber during band rehearsal.
  2. I will stop getting “sick” five minutes before faculty meetings.
  3. I will actually file music back in the music library when we are done instead of starting a stack that will pile up to the sky.
  4. I will cheerfully complete lesson plans for the administration even when they have nothing to do with how well I can actually teach band. Oh, and I’ll be sure to write all the learning objectives on the board every day too.
  5. I will remain calm when the copy machine breaks down. At least the first 3 times. In the first week.Growth Mindset Motivational Posters for bulletin board ideas! Get more great resources from Band Directors Talk Shop on Teachers Pay Teachers! #banddirectorstalkshop
  6. I will only conduct in the car when the car is completely stopped. (Well, I will only conduct in the car with both hands when the car is completely stopped.)
  7. I will refrain from telling the administration that “differentiation” and “vertical alignment” are second nature to band directors, and I could be giving this professional development instead of sitting in it.
  8. I will not threaten to take away the clarinets’ reeds every time they squeak.
  9. I will be grateful for the new teacher appraisal system. Not only will it fix all the problems with my teaching of music, it will help make sure I don’t think too highly of myself.
  10. I will not throw stands. I will not throw stands. I will not throw stands.

Band director shirtWe don’t usually post “sarcastic” articles, but thought this would be a fun way to end 2017.  🙂 Happy New Year everyone!

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