Support by clicking through to Amazon

We noticed people have been searching for “Amazon” on our site and realized that means people are trying to click through our Amazon affiliate links as a way to support the website without spending any extra money. So we decided to add this article/links to make it easy!

For those of you who don’t know, when you click through one of our links to Amazon, we get a small (very small) percentage of each sale. You don’t pay any extra, Amazon just gives us a small commission for sending you to their site.

So, if you’ll be shopping on Amazon anyway this holiday season, we’d truly appreciate you clicking through one of our links before shopping. If all our readers (who happen to shop on Amazon) do this it can add up to help pay for some of fees to maintain and grow the website.

These links allow you to shop anything you like and anything you purchase is ‘credited’ to us:

Also, if you sign up through these links for Audible, Amazon music, Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime gift, we get a small commission:


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