Band Director Jobs (Nationwide!)

This is a nationwide list by state with links to the best resources for searching for band director jobs.  It includes state government sites or state music educator association sites, not 3rd party sites or sites that charge money for use.  If you know of another website that fits these descriptions and would be a benefit to people searching for band director jobs, please email us at

Also, BOOKMARK this page on your computer so you can use this as your starting point when you are checking links for multiple states.

Alabama State Department of Education (link from AMEA)

Alaska Teacher Placement

Arizona Education Employment Board

Arkansas School Band and Orchestra Association

California Music Education Association
Also look at nationwide general sites (specifically Edjoin)at the bottom of the page.

Colorado Bandmasters

Connecticut Music Educators Association

Delaware Music Educators Association

Florida Music Education Association

Georgia Music Educators Association

Hawaii!employment/cu9k (Charter schools)

Idaho Music Educators Association

Illinois Education Job Bank

Indiana Music Education Association
We’ve also been notified that there is a privately owned company that runs a good job board in Indiana. Since this page is only for government/music organization posts we aren’t listing it here. If you are truly interested in Indiana, we suggest further research. Thanks!

Iowa (Teach Iowa)

Kansas (Kansas Teaching Jobs)

Kentucky Department of Education (link from KMEA)

Louisiana (Teach Louisiana)



Massachusetts (MassMEA)

Michigan (MMEA)

(It is also recommended that you look at individual school districts since there is not a standard statewide job board)

Mississippi  (run by university)





New Hampshire (may have more Maine than NH)

New Jersey 

New Mexico (NMMEA)

New York

North Carolina
It has been recommended you also check county/district sites since some don’t post on the state-wide site.

North Dakota


Oklahoma (must be a member or email them for access)

Oregon (not complete – check the national links at the end of this post.)


Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota


Texas (School administrators)



It is also suggested you check individual district sites.

Washington (private schools)

West Virginia



Other helpful job sites for band director jobs:
NAfME Job board –

Other helpful job sites for teaching jobs in general. These may not be the best for band. Often jobs are posted on the state sites and not on the national/general sites (especially if there is a fee to post the job).  We recommend you check as many of these links as practical weekly (or daily).

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